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Helping You Develop a Better Relationship with Food, Your Body and Yourself

At Bay Psychology, we know that emotional eating is oftentimes used as a primary means to cope with uncomfortable feelings, overwhelming stressors and difficult issues that you may feel unequipped to handle. If you have found this page it is very likely that your relationship with food is interfering with the life you want to live.


You are not alone and you do not have to let go of your primary way to comfort yourself, reward yourself or simply get through the day on your own. We can help! 

I have specialized in working with eating disorders and body image issues for over 14 years which has included hospital inpatient units, the Hospital for Sick Children’s day treatment program, outpatient programs, private practice, and research. Throughout the years, I have developed a unique style of working with eating “disorders” that includes a combination of:

Common Therapy Goals Include:

  • Managing difficult emotions without depending on food (either restriction or bingeing)

  • Feeling more comfortable in the body

  • Distress tolerance skills

  • Learning to identify and address feelings before they become overwhelming

  • Understanding the factors that have led you to rely on food as a means to emotionally cope

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