First Responders Trauma Group



This group has been specifically designed to treat occupational post-traumatic stress for first responders through evidence based treatment  interventions. The goals of this group are:

  • Safe coping skills and reduce harmful behaviours 

  • Develop distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills

  • Reduce post-traumatic stress symptoms

  • Provide family members with tools to assist with relapse prevention

The First Responder Trauma Group will run once in 2020. The cost is $100 per session and is covered by most insurance plans.


Individuals that are interested in registering for the group will need to be referred from a family physician, attend an individual intake, and meet diagnostic criteria for PTSD.


The group will be capped at 12 individuals. Space is limited, please register by contacting Bay Psychology. 

Registration deadline: April 1, 2020

Below is a link to Dr. Young's referral form to be completed by your family physician or nurse practitioner. 


Emotional Eating Group 


This group is geared for individuals that would like to transform their relationship with food and their bodies. The goals of this group are:

  • Identify your emotional triggers and vulnerabilities 

  • Cope with difficult emotions in a healthier way

  • Increase awareness of urges and cravings without acting on them

  • Practice mindfulness techniques that foster insight and reduce self-judgment ​


The cost is $95 per session and is covered by most group insurance plans. This group is postponed until further notice. Please contact us for further details.




Self Compassion for Parents Group 


Coming Soon

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