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Psychological care is unquestionably expensive. We firmly believe in increased, equitable access to psychological care and continue to advocate for improved access for all people.  However, at this time, psychological services in private practices are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and in northern Ontario, it is difficult to access psychological care in publicly funded settings.

If you are unable to fund care through a private clinic, we can suggest publicly-funded services in the community and recommend self-care resources and peer-support groups. We can also work with a client’s budget to space sessions out. When cost is an issue, we can often place more emphasis on self-guided exercises and home practice. In fact, we strongly recommend home practice for almost everyone anyway. The changes people want to make are in their real lives - their lives outside the psychologist’s office. So it makes sense that much of the work of therapy takes place in the person’s outside life.

While psychological services are not covered by OHIP, many clients have access to Extended Health Benefits through employee and private health insurance plans, which provide full or partial coverage for services provided by a registered psychologist. Our services may be covered by WSIB, auto insurance, long term disability providers or Veterans Affairs Canada. 

Many insurance companies offer full or partial coverage of psychotherapy services supervised by registered psychologists.  If you are planning on receiving reimbursement for services, please contact your insurance company for the following information:

  • which psychological services are covered by your insurance policy

  • whether your plan requires a receipt from an Ontario Registered Psychologist

  • the insurer's procedure for reimbursement (set amount per session, total amount, or portion of fee per visit)

  • whether you need a physician’s referral

  • the procedure for reimbursement


Additionally, psychological services are a tax-deductible medical expense.



Please contact us to discuss our current fee.

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